Russell Construction LLC. is a family-owned company with a primary focus on water intrusion problems in stucco clad homes, including moisture contamination, stucco remediation, kick-out flashing and chimney repairs, cement board siding installation, as well as window, door, and deck repair and installation. Based in Media PA, Russell Construction LLC. services Southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey.

Our goal is to provide precise and documented evaluations to homeowners followed by high quality and professional work, using only the best materials and practices.

"Their work was impeccable and they were very sensitive to our situation."
-Jim, West Chester

Stucco Remediation

No matter when you purchased your home, or the year it was built, all homes are subject to a growing epidemic of stucco failure and moisture contamination. A small crack or split in your home's facade can lead to moisture entering your home, threatening both the structure of your home and the health of your family. Learn More ...

Moisture Contamination

Moisture contamination by Russell Construction

Moisture contamination is both a risk to your home, as well as the health of you and your family. Russell Construction, LLC uses the latest techniques and equipment to detect and evaluate potential moisture contamination growth as well as determine the best course of action to efficiently and effectively remediate your home. Learn more ...

Cement Board Siding

Cement Board Siding by Russell Construction

A lot of homeowners are now asking for a different type of material to be clad to their homes instead of the traditional stucco. Cement Board Siding by James Hardie is the country’s most popular brand, providing maximum protection for houses in all climates. Learn more ...